AO UpgradeTask does not run in Jira Software 7.0.0

I have a Jira plugin with some ao upgrade tasks inside.
Those tasks are running well in Jira Software 8.x.x, but they did not run the upgrade(ModelVersion, ActiveObjects) method in Jira Software 7.0.0.

I already debug those tasks and see that the method getModelVersion() is called.
So I’m wondering why Jira 7.0.0 called the getModelVersion() and not call upgrade. Does Jira 7.0.0 support AO Upgrade Tasks?

NOTE: The database version before the upgrade task is 0, so I’m sure that there is no problem with DB version number. They are fine in Jira 8.x.x!

The ao version I’m using is 3.2.4

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For those who come after me!

This question is a wrong bug report, and the AO Upgrade Tasks are running well in Jira 7.0.0.

The reason for this weird report is because of the DB version number, I can use the below SQL query to set the DB version number in Jira 8.x to 0, then enable my app to trigger the upgrade tasks.

UPDATE propertystring
SET propertyvalue = '0'
WHERE id = (
  from propertyentry pe
  join propertystring ps on =
  where entity_name='' and property_key = 'AO_XXXXX_#'

But this SQL query didn’t work in Jira 7.0.0, I guess they save the DB version number somewhere else.
In order to trigger the upgrade task to run, I need to do my test in a clean Jira instance.

Hopefully I can find the place where they save the DB version number in Jira 7.0.0, so I can edit it to trigger the upgrade again and again in the same Jira instance without cleaning all the data.


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