AP.context.getContext() not returning the current project info


We’ve noticed that on few instances the call to AP.context.getContext doesn’t return the jira information anymore.

And in some instances it does:


We’ve noticed this change on the 1st of October at around 15:00 UTC. Anyone else affected by/seen this new behaviour?

I have the same issue but with url query parameters in the app descriptor. I don’t get project key and Id.
Also started yesterday.
This is causing a lots of issues.

Yes, we started noticing this first in the app URL in which we expect the projectKey and projectId as query params - I assumed it’s a misconfiguration of our app descriptor and that’s the reason we went to use the JS API.

Hi @dciupureanu,

Is this happening for new issue view only or old? We’ve had an issue about this before.


Hi @acalantog,

This was happening in a jiraProjectPage module, but I was informed in the support ticket I raised in DevHelp that the change has now been rolled back so everything is back to normal. For your reference, the ticket is DEVHELP-3595.

It would be good to know if that change was intended and if it’s something that will eventually be released as, from our point of view, it’s a breaking change in the JS API.


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