AP.context.getToken doesn't work on confluence instance participating in the early release rollout program

Hi there!

Probably, about ~15-20 hours ago there was a confluence-cloud update that caused broken functionality. There is an error in console after trying to call AP.context.getToken inside connect macro.

I would appreciate any help to address this issue to Atlassian team.


Yes, seeing the same issue on our instance… :frowning:

@ykleshchenok @sash011

The same issue has also been reported in another thread: AP.getContext() throws Exception in Confluence Cloud.

The Confluence Cloud team has already been informed. They will get online soon and they will start the investigation.

We will provide an update on this issue as soon as possible.


Thanks Dario for the heads up

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The Feature Flag for this change has been disabled and everything should soon start working again. Please try again in a bit and confirm.


Thanks for the update, Dario!

Can confirm: AP.context.getToken works on my instance.

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It works for us as well now, @dbonotto

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