AP.getUser() method fails in New Issue View for glances, content and web panels


We’ve found a bug in New Issue View. It prevents app code from using AP.getUser() in components of all types (Glances, Content, web panels).
Atlassian Support confirmed the bug and reported as JRACLOUD-69292

I wonder if anyone was able to successfully use AP.getUser() in the New Issue View.

Our add-on relies heavily on the AP.getUser() and we have no guarantee that Atlassian will fix it before New Issue View becomes default to all customers.
Therefore we are looking for information if there is a workaround available or we should start reverting some of the features and get rid of AP.getUser().

Any help will be appreciated.


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Hi @jack, Thanks for raising this.

Per https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRACLOUD-69292, we have a fix in place and it should be on production by tomorrow. If you can confirm this is resolved tomorrow, that would be great!



I will check and confirm. Thank you!

I do not get notifications from this forum due to email address change.
It looks like it uses Atlassian ID to let me log-in and at the same time, it uses separately stored email address for the purpose of notifications. Do you if/how I can fix that?

I raised separate question but no answer there: How can I change my email address in this forum?


Hey Jack,

I replied to your question about your email address in your other topic.


I can confirm that fix for JRACLOUD-69292 solved the problem. Thank you.

I found few other problems though. I need to confirm them first to avoid wasting your time, but one of the problems seems to affect all apps, namely “Issue glance (and old-fashioned right-side web panel) does not show details when clicked on Safari”. I will try to prepare a more detailed description as well as screenshot/video and report it to Ecosystem Jira.

Thank you for the fix. We all are one step closer to making the New Issue View apps ready.


@jack Nice!

If you want to list the other problems we can have a look as well. I will take a look at glance behavior on Safari. Cheers!