AP.refreshIssuePage() is failing on the customer portal

For both Atlassian account customers and portal only customers, the AP.refreshIssuePage() fails with the message ‘Error: Failed to refresh the issue page’, is there any other way to refresh the web panels of an addon?

Adding to @karanjagdish query,
Under the hood AP.jira.refreshIssuePage() uses the below implementation

refreshIssuePage: function() {
				try {
					JIRA.trigger(JIRA.Events.REFRESH_ISSUE_PAGE, [JIRA.Issue.getIssueId(), {
						mergeIntoCurrent: !1
				} catch (a) {
					throw Error("Failed to refresh the issue page");

On checking the JIRA object on customer portal’s developer console, found that JIRA object doesn’t contain Issue property. That is making JIRA.Issue.getIssueId() undefined and failing the AP.jira.refreshIssuePage() call.
This error is happening only on Customer Portal and making the refresh of web panel a problem. Is there a way to solve this problem ?