AP.request doesn't work when Jira App is embedded in Confluence iframe

I recently released a new version of my Jira add-on and adjusted the app so API calls are made mainly on the frontend using AP.request.

One feature is that a user can a copy a link to the app and use that link to display the app in Confluence in an iframe.

I’ve just realised that API calls are not made from within the iframe using AP.request.

I understand you cannot call a Jira API from Confluence using AP.request, but inside the iframe Jira is loaded and my app is loaded within Jira.

Is there a way around this issue?

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@RhysDiab did you ever find a way to do this? The only approach I can think of involves making calls via the backend on behalf of the user, acting as a proxy between Jira and Confluence.

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@james.dellow That’s what I ended up doing.

The JWT token injected server side by ACE lasts for 15 minutes and can be used to call your backend where you can then make calls on behalf of the user.

Not ideal, but at least it’s something. :man_shrugging:

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