Api/3/issue - POST - how can I set the reporter?

Hi all.
I am testing API/3 to let an external app create issues on my company Jira Cloud.
All the fields I want to set are set perfectly, but the reporter.
Actually when I run ( from katalon studio, from Postman ) the API request, and the http body contains (json, correctly formatted and checked) contains :

      ***"reporter":{ "accountID":"60be89ad2bd2140069323fb2" },***	

I got the error :

    "reporter":"Field 'reporter' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown."

I did a workaround with automation rules which changes reporter as soon as the task is created.

I need to make different external player write issues and I have a couple of users.
What I want is to give them API code so that I can see who is the reporter and then know who is creating the issues.

Thanks a lot.


Hi, try:

"reporter":{ "id":"60be89ad2bd2140069323fb2" }