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Hi All!
Does anyone know where we can get API to interact with Atlassian Companion. We are developing Smart Attachments for Confluence and would like to integrate our app with Atlassian Companion so users can initiate file editing from our app. If possible some documentation for this API will be also greatly appreciated. If there are no integration points, please let me know.

Sincerely, Alexander


@acalantog, could you please help us with the way how we can integrate with Atlassian Companion app :slight_smile:

Hi @vrutkevich,

Thanks for the reminder. I’ve tapped the Confluence team on this. AFAIK, there’s no public API for the integration.

Anne Calantog

Hi @acalantog,
could you please give us some hints how we can work with Atlassian Companion App (invoke it from our interface and then catch the edited files and save them).

Sincerely, Vadim

Hi Alexander,

At this stage, we do not have any plans to support a public API for Atlassian Companion or the Edit Files feature. Confluence Previews connects to Companion via a local Web Socket connection. The messages sent can easily be viewed in the network inspector of most browsers. Technically one could integrate with the Companion app by mimicking this communication.


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Hi Alex,

I got it. Do you have any plans of changing current API? I need guarantees that it won’t change in a prospective future.


Hi @aknight!
Are there any plans to add support for Jira Server?

Sincerely, Vadim

Hi @acalantog!
Could you please tell me whether there are any plans to add support for Atlassian Companion in Jira.
If no, is it possible to add some local modifications to support Jira servers?

Sincerely, Vadim

Are there still no plans to offer an API?

Is it possible to register two applications for the same file type, e.g. for opening PDFs with a reader or alternativly with program for digital signing?


Hi all, very late to this one but commenting here for anyone finding this thread via search-engine.

We are still not supporting a public API for Companion. Since Confluence Server 7.3 the WebSocket interactions have been superseded by direct requests made to Confluence, initiated with a custom protocol handler. The WebSocket messaging should be considered deprecated.

Furthermore there are no plans to integrate Companion with Jira.