API for JSM form data or how to access form data in an automation

I’m attempting to pass form data using an automation rule and utilising a webhook.
How do I access form data programatically in an automation?
Is there a seperate API for JSM form data?

Thank you!

Hey @ThomasBerger ,

right now you will have to make due with this solution:

As you can see, there are severe limitations.

Forms API is planned for Q1-Q2 Forms API


@DanielTriftshaeuser seems the link is no longer resolving :cry:

Indeed, it looks like they are already updating the documentation to automatically reroute to the official Atlassian documentation space.
Some of the pages have been changed yesterday :eyes:. Maybe we can expect a proper API soon?

However, you are in luck.
The old documentation can still be accessed via the waybackmachine


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