API of getting details of workflow rules does not return the transition details


We are using the API https://your-site.atlassian.net/rest/atlassian-connect/1/migration/workflow/rule/search described in step 3 of the migration tutorial (Tutorials) to retrieve the details of workflow rules based on workflow rule keys

According to the tutorial, we would expect the API to return a list of valid and invalid rules as following:

  validRules: [{
       workflowId: ...,
       postFunctions: ConnectWorkflowTransitionRule[];
       conditions: ConnectWorkflowTransitionRule[];
       validators: ConnectWorkflowTransitionRule[];
  invalidRules: [],

Also according to the screenshot at the bottom of the tutorial, the ConnectWorkflowTransitionRule type has the information of the transition associated with that rule.

However, the API returned a result that does not have the transition field for ConnectWorkflowTransitionRule, thus it is not possible to know which transition a post function/validator/condition belongs to

We tried to use /rest/atlassian-connect/1/migration/workflow/rule/search?expand=transition but it didn’t work either

So is there a way to include the transition information in the workflow rule details?

Thanks in advance


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