API request to Jira server fails with code ETIMEDOUT


We develop an add-on for Cloud and Server Jira, for a specific Jira Server client GET requests from our plugin fail with code ETIMEDOUT. Various requests fail, e.g. ‘user/picker’, ‘/issuetype’. Not all requests fail, about a third or a quarter of requests, the same request sometimes fails and sometimes succeeds.

This seems to be specific to a certain client, with Jira Server. No other clients experience timeouts.

Our add-on is written in javascript, with Atlassian Connect Express, using REST API to access JIRA. To mitigate the issue we increased the timeout for GET requests to 5 min, however can see that requests error out with ETIMEDOUT before that, e.g. after 2 min 10sec.

We have the following questions:

  1. What Jira settings might affect timeout on incoming requests?
  2. Any suggestion on a possible causes/fixes?
  3. What logs can user activate in Jira to monitor incoming requests and failed requests?
  4. Can it be related to SSL?



Can you expand on how your app works? Is it a standalone app located somewhere on the internet that then calls various Jira Server instances?

Hi Daniel,

Our app is a standalone backend service, running from AWS. It makes requests to both Cloud and Server Jira instances in response to user actions in another app.

Ahh in that case you’re more than likely hitting servers that are not publicly available on the internet (firewalls) and in some cases their firewalls may be terminating long living connections(2 minutes isn’t too uncommon).

My suggestion would be for you to have some functionality where the user can verify their connection capability from your app (ie ui button that checks that you’re able to reach to their server).

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