API to get Account ID from Email Address?

We are using Power Automate to create some flows to create Jira issues. All is working successfully, but we’d like to insert the Reporter as the person submitting the form. We have to pass the ‘accountId’ of the user, so is there an API I can call by passing in the user’s email address and returning the ‘accountId’ that I can pass in?

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Hi @ChrisGreen ,

Given an email address, you can try Find users API if it fits your use case.

You can pass the email address in the query query parameter just like /rest/api/3/user/search?query=ian@myemail.com. The accountId will be part of the response.


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Hello @ChrisGreen

The Find users endpoint.

— Rats. Pipped by seconds :slight_smile:

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@iragudo - Boom! Thanks so much!


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