Api Token Authentication

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Hello, We have our custom customer facing app that requires users to login(username/pass).Once the user is validated in our local db, we now then authenticated them in jira to start accessing their own resource/data using thier own username/password that’s identical in Jira. New Jira Cloud deprecated the use of user/pass method of authentication so our app no longer works. Since there’s no way we can authenticate our user by using old methods and instead use Api Tokens, As an admin in Jira, how can I manually create tokens for my users?(currently we have 1000 users/customers), I think the only possible solution for us is to generate token for each user and save it to our local db, we can then authenticate when the user login by comparing their credentials in db , pull its related token and pass as headers to query Jira apis.



I would recommend you to check out Oauth 2.0 authentication for apps (a page from our API docs), which is a industry standard and we fully support it.