API v2: Is minorEdit supported?

I run an automation that updates a page quite frequently through the PUT /pages/id endpoint.
I want to suppress notifications being sent on every update and found information that I should set version.minorEdit to true in the request body.
However, it doesn’t seem to work because the API response contains minorEdit: false and people are getting a lot of notifications.
I also can’t find the minorEdit paramter in the API v2 documentation.
As a workaround I could remove and readd all space watchers but this would require global admin privileges which I’d like to avoid.

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I just looked into the same issue a few days ago. As far as I can tell, this feature is only supported on Confluence Server/DC. The minorEdit field is ignored by the Cloud REST v1 and v2 APIs.

The minorEdit field is mentioned in an open issue for Confluence Server/DC, but the related issue for Confluence Cloud was closed as “Not Being Considered”:

There is no workaround. Any mass edits performed using the REST API will send notifications to watchers.

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It’s sad but I think this seems to be the “solution”…?
A very atlassian-ish move to just “not consider” this very obvious request without any further explanation.