App Data Residency - Uninstallation Queries

We are planning to enable data residency for our app as per the official documentation guidelines.
One of the points mentions about uninstallation of app:

If an app is uninstalled, information about where the installation was, will be removed. This means a subsequent reinstallation may end up in a different realm depending on whether an app adds support for a new realm or the product is now pinned to a new or different realm.

Let say an existing customer for some reason uninstalls the app and reinstalls the app and the realm is switched. Is there any possibilities of switching it back to old realm as their existing data will be lost as it is stored in old realm. Can we raise a ticket for that customer to resolve such issues?
Is there any provision that Atlassian keeps the old realm information for some days for existing app installations so temporary uninstallations are handled well.

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Hey @QMetryVendor , there is no provision today to move the data back to the original location. The admin has the option to move data between regions using the self-service data residency UI, but that can only move the data to the product pinned location if your app supports it.
Having said that, we are planning to release a closed EAP of realm persistence feature for Jira apps in the next week or so which will allow vendors to declare that they can keep the reinstallation in the original region for up to 30 days after uninstall. If you have a Jira app and are interested in participating in the EAP, please let me or @DanielReed know, and we can discuss the next steps.


Hi @ragrawal and @DanielReed,
Thank you for the reply.
We are interested in participating in the closed EAP of realm persistence.
Please provide the required steps for the same.

Our Jira app is QMetry Test Management For Jira (QTM4J)

[QMetry Test Management for Jira (QTM4J) | Atlassian Marketplace](https://QTM4J app hosted on Jira Marketplace)

Thank you
Team QMetry

Hi @ragrawal,
Any updates on this topic? We are still looking for steps to enable realm persistence feature for our Jira App.
We are running on a close deadline to deliver this to our new customers.

Hi @QMetryVendor

Thanks for expressing an interest in joining the closed EAP for realm persistence, you’ve timed this perfectly!

We’re almost ready to start the EAP and will be reaching out to partners who have expressed an interest in the next week or so to be added to the closed CDAC forum where we can collect your app IDs, discuss the product and inform you of any known limitations of the product.

Daniel Reed

Hi @DanielReed

We are already preparing to enable one region very soon as per the customer’s ask.
Is there any specific steps that we need to add to our code so as soon as you start EAP, our code is already compatible.

Also, please let us know if we have to fill up any form or ticket to be considered in the closed EAP as soon as it is available.


Hi @DanielReed @ragrawal

Any updates on the EAP? Please let us know.


Hi @DanielReed @ragrawal

Is the Realm Persistence EAP available now ?