App descriptor updated, but change not propagated, even after 24H+


We have updated our app descriptor last week. Some changes were made in the URL of some modules (added some new parameters).

A new version of our app was correctly created by the polling service.

But now, even after a week, when trying to render widget in Bitbucket Cloud UI, it is still the old URLs that are called. Many customers are reporting the issue, and I even tried to install our app from scratch from the Marketplace, but still it look like it is using an older version of the descriptor.

Any idea?


Hi @julien.henry,

For Bitbucket, you’ll also have to click “update” on the manage apps page. Log in with Atlassian account.

While the marketplace will poll for changes, Bitbucket, for the time being needs to be updated manually. You can see when it was last updated on that screen as well, to confirm when we pulled your descriptor down.

Thanks @sconaty, that was it! We’ll add that to our deployment process.