App host returned HHTP response code 404 when we tried to contact it during installation

Scenario: Created app using ACE for Jira Cloud. Installs in the Atlassian development environment just fine. Trying to install in an Atlassian stage environment to test license functionality against access tokens and I get the 404 error. Not sure where this is coming from as the Audit log on only says "Failed to install app plugin .atlassian-connect.json.

I tried removing the atlassian-connect.json file to try and generate a different error but the process gave me the exact same error–it’s like it’s not even reading my config file or app location. I would have expected something that said, “cannot find/locate atlassian-connect.json file” or something along those lines.

I have read many posts regarding things like remove addon.authenticate from the routes, removing the lifecycle and changing authentication from jwt to none. But again, regardless of any changes made, I get the exact same 404 error.

Last odd thing is that it says HTTP response code 404, but my apps and atlassian-connect.json are being served under HTTPS so I would expect some sort of https error message.

I have an open ticket with Atlassian support, but the community has been awesome in assisting me with solving other issues so I thought I’d also try my luck here.

Thanks in advance for any assistance the community provides.

Never mind. I finally got it to load by setting authentication to none and removing the lifecycles. I also discovered that I had to create a new version if I changed the atlassian-connect.json file as I assumed it was just a pointer to the file but in fact, it was storing the file.