App max height in atl.jira.view.issue.left.context


We are updating the Jira app and faced some limitations. To provide desired UX we need to resize our view in atl.jira.view.issue.left.context to more then 1500px. As I can see in code, there is max-height configured to 1500px (see screenshot) in the div which is a parent to our iframe. I could not find this behavior documented anywhere. Also, when we resize our view with AP.resize and set the value more than 1500px, the option to hide the app stops working.

Is t something that we should expect or is it a bug?

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Hi @YauhenIvashkevich,
I’ll see if I can work out the where and why behind the max-height restriction.

@YauhenIvashkevich, if you untick the max-height style do you get the results you need? (I’m not saying we can necessarily do this in the product though - just exploring if this change to the style is what you need).

Hey @dmorrow, thanks for looking into this issue.

Yes, from styling perspective, removing max-height solves the problem. Though it’s still not possible to hide the app from the menu.

Thanks @YauhenIvashkevich. The Jira team have started looking at this. It’s easy to see how the style is being set, but not so easy to understand why the limit exists. It may have been arbitrarily set, but we need to be confident before anything is changed.

Thank you, @dmorrow! Is there any ticket that we can track?

Sorry for the slow reply - I’ve been waiting for a response from the team. Will try to provide an issue you can track.

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Hi, we are facing the same problem with height limit. Are there any news? Someone could resolve this?
@dmorrow is there issue in atlassian’s jira about this or progress?