App not working outside tunnel

I’m having issues with an App that works perfectly when tunnelling but not outside it.
I recently added a queue to it, and before that it was working fine (beside the 25s limit issue).
From the logs it appears that the action is pushed to the queue but then nothing happens.
Any idea?

Hi @MatteoGubelliniSoftC, it’s a bit difficult to tell what went wrong from the above description. Could you please provide the below information to us for further investigation?
1 appID
2 when did this issue start to happen? An app version id would be helpful as well.
3 the code snippet for the change of “added a queue”
4 the version of the package @forge/events that you’re using( I presume your change is using the async events api: )


Thanks for the support.

  1. App id: ari:cloud:ecosystem::app/2d66dad5-9eae-4e74-b081-82db52faf3da
  2. I’m not sure, just as soon as I started queueing tasks.
onst App = () => {
	const [isOpen, setOpen] = useState(true);
	const [myList, getList] = useState(null);
	const context = useProductContext();
	const spaceKey = context.spaceKey;
	// console.log(spaceKey);

	useEffect(async () => getList(await getSpaceContent(spaceKey)), [spaceKey]);

	if (!isOpen) {
		return null;

	async function create() {
		// const pageList = await getSpaceContent(spaceKey);
		console.log("pushing to queue");
		try {
			const queue = new Queue({ key: "queue-index" });
			const queueId = await queue.push({
				key: spaceKey,
				list: myList,
			console.log("queue pushed, id: ", queueId);
		} catch (error) {
			console.log("queue error: ", error);
import Resolver from "@forge/resolver";
import createBaseline from "./createBaseline";
import { getSpaceContent } from "./utils";

const resolver = new Resolver();

resolver.define("event-listener-index", async ({ payload, context }) => {
	// const pageList = await getSpaceContent(spaceKey);
	// payload.list = pageList;
	console.log("in resolver");

	await createBaseline(payload);

export const handler = resolver.getDefinitions();
  1. @forge/events 0.7.5

So apparently I was making too many calls inside the queue, ref.
Strangely I was not getting any error though.

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Hi @MatteoGubelliniSoftC, glad that you found the root cause. I’ll forward this to the relevant team to check if there should be some way to observe this error from the developer side.