App re-install issue after site import


I am updating our application lifecycle to support the site import following the documents here:

Once the site import in completed, I proceed to re-upload our app to test the behavior. This is where I run into an issue. On install, I get the expected unsigned install request, to which I reply 401, but then I never get the second install request signed with the previous key. What can be the cause?


The retry strategy (i.e. a second, signed install) is only available for apps that are in marketplace.

In this situation Connect has a record of the secret used for the previous install and is able to sign a followup install request.

For a local app, the original secret is removed at the time of the import and a follow up signed install is not available.

If your app is keying off the clientKey (recommended) you should be able to accept the install. You would only need to reply with a 401 if you are keying of the site URL (not recommended).


OK thanks.