App using REST API & Authentication against own instance


Is there a good way to make a REST call with authentication against the Bitbucket instance the app is running in? List doing calls to {baseUrl}/rest/api/1.0/…, and authenticate that request with a Bitbucket user.

We could do it by storing a HTTP access token in our app itself. But its a bit silly and confusing for an admin if you need to store credentials for the instance the app is running in.

I’ve seen the ‘TrustedRequestFactory’ in Jira/Confluence, which seems to go into this direction. However, seems that ‘TrustedRequestFactory’ isn’t available in Bitbucket. Is there another way to authenticate a user across a HTTP request?

Background: We exploring configuring the Bitbucket instance via the REST interface,
since not all operations have internal API equivalents.

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Roman Stoffel

Sadly, we found the same limitation, see Java and/or REST APIs to search code? :frowning:
So, we endend up using a dedicated Bitbucket user for these REST API calls.
If you know another solution, we will glad to know it!

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