Application Icon Setting

We have added a new section, Application Icon, to the /app-key page; the new section includes an input field into which you can save the URL of the icon that you would like to use.

The icon you submit will be used to replace the placeholder icon found on the authorization flow. If no icon is submitted, we’ll continue to show the default icon.

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I’m uploading the icon, and getting a 404 back from the server:

Am I doing something wrong?

Just out of curiosity. have you tried it as:


I used a fully qualified URL.
Just tried a path without hostname, same result.

Can you post the full path here?

Also, I realize that the name of this isn’t appropriate as we’re not allowing you to “upload” an icon. We’re allowing you to set the path of an already hosted icon that we will use when needed.

The full path is:

:thinking: I was able to successfully upload it. What browser are you using?

Also, can you watch the network tab of your browser and confirm that you’re seeing a PUT request go out and fail before you’re seeing this error?

I am using Firefox 73 on Linux.
Also just tried Chrome 80, same result.

Yes, the PUT request goes out the moment I press SUBMIT, and then I get the popup with an error message.

Ah, I see the error.

If you go to we send the PUT to the wrong URL: /app-key/1/applications. However, if you go to (notice the missing trailing slash) we correctly PUT to the correct route: /1/applications.

I’ll get a fix out for this shortly. In the meantime, make sure that you are trying to set the icon via

Thanks for looking into it!
That was it – worked like a charm without the trailing slash. Thanks!