Application Link with impersonation for 3rd-party application


We’re currently developing an in-house application for cost controlling in projects. This application is highly integrated both in Jira as well as our finance tools.

The problem is that the setup currently is very cumbersome to ensure that people using the tool only see the Jira data they are allowed to. We have to do this by setting up multiple instances of our application and then create one-way application links to Jira. This scales very badly and generates a huge overhead.

Application links with impersonation would solve that problem.
However, on this documentation page ([]( it states that application links only work between Atlassian applications.

We would like to understand why this is the case. Could someone please explain that to us?

Moreover, we would also like to know whether there is a way of still implementing application links with impersonation into our in-house application.

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