Application links and Cloud migration

I’m migrating Jira and Confluence from Server to Cloud, and it will likely be a gradual process - I will move Confluence in one go, but not all Jira projects will be migrated.

For application links, I understand I can setup multiple links and they will all work, according to this:

So I will be linking:

  1. Cloud Jira to Cloud Confluence
  2. Cloud Confluence to Server Jira
  3. Cloud Jira to Server Jira

My questions are:

  1. What exactly does application link allow me to do? Is there a full list of integration features somewhere?
  2. Do I need to worry about data?
  3. Is the application link ID used stored anywhere?
  4. Do I need to patch them manually or does Migration Assistant takes care of it?

Hello @KCWong,

It might be better to ask in or open a ticket directly with Customer Support in Atlassian Support for these questions.

We usually deal with questions about coding apps and migrations here.