Approach for Load testing of Jira rest api

I am doing load testing of Jira rest api by using locust, when i am running with more than 20 user instances its failing after particular number of hits and again it is getting passed after certain time of interval, so will that be because i am running many user instances from the single IP address and making so many number of requests?

Jira is stopping me to access the app if i am giving more requests with many user instances with the single IP address .
Is there any other approach or tools that i need to follow to perform the load testing of Jira rest api ?

Thanks in Advance !

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Facing the same issue, let me know if you get any help.

Hello there,

As outlined in below page please void doing stress tests against Cloud sites:



Do not perform rate limit testing against Atlassian cloud tenants because this will place load on Atlassian servers and may impact customers.

The Acceptable Use Policy identifies your obligations to avoid overwhelming Atlassian infrastructure.

On the same page is also explained how to use the rate limit headers to implement request backoff.

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