Apps not loaded by default in new issue view


We have developed a few apps that are needed for our business. I’ve enabled the New Jira View layout for our Jira instance and it stopped loading the embedded apps by default.

Now we have to go to three dots […] and enable each app separately for every issue.

Is there a way to enable apps to load by default in each issue in the new issue view?


Hey @DamianBirkowski

Currently there are no direct way to automatically load your web panel at time of loading your story/bug view. we are also looking same option. However once user loaded web panel next time it will load automatic for that story.


Hey @umang.savaliya

Thanks for the response.

I’ve noticed that at least the apps stay enabled for the issue for all of the users.

I hope this will get resolved soon by the Jira team.


Any update on this issue, or a JIRA to track?