Apptools Maven Plugin - A better way to deploy your plugins?

Yesterday at AUG MUC there was a lightning talk about the newly released Apptools Maven Plugin. I wanted to share this with the Developer Community as I find this very useful and figured I’m probably not the only one.

The main advantages for me over atlas-install-plugin and QuickReload seem to be custom authentication (very useful if your dev instance is not running on localhost with admin/admin creds), the possibility to deploy multiple plugins at once and of course all the benefits that come with a Maven plugin regarding CI/CD. (and also no half-broken --context-path parameter :hugs:)

The plugin has many other features as well, such as listing the deployed plugins on a server and undeploying them. There also is a dedicated page that describes how this can be used in an app project. Example usage could be:

mvn apptools:deploy -PLOCAL
mvn apptools:deploy -PTEST
mvn apptools:deploy -PPROD

I’m looking forward to testing this with my plugins. What do you think about it?


Hi Sven!

Thank you for you feedback!

We are very eager to learn, what you think of the plugin and if/how it supports your use cases. We are still in the early stages of development. If you have encountered issues, we would love to learn about them!



PS - just a short note: We recently released version 0.11 of the Apptools Maven Plugin with some fixes and support for Unique Snapshot Versions. This ‘trick’ we’ve learned from a discussion at the AUGM meetup. It supports determining the actual version of depoyed apps with snapshot versions much easier (and more successful :slightly_smiling_face:).

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Unfortunately, we are currently super busy with preparing for Summit, so I wasn’t yet able to test the plugin myself. Although, once we’re back home from Las Vegas I will certainly try it out and give you feedback! :slight_smile:

Awesome to see that you’re still working on it and are making improvements! I’m really looking forward to using it.

This sounds great!

Have a good time in Las Vegas!