Are bamboo-specs publishing idempotent?

Before I go set things up and play I just wanted to make sure it’s gonna deal with existing plans the way i expect. Also is there a way to report discrepancies? As in the case of someone making a change via the gui.


I know Bamboo is a tool for developers and this is called the Developer Community, but this question is more about the day-to-day use of Bamboo, than it is about developing plugins for it. You’ll probably find more people paying attention in the Bamboo User Forums. Just a suggestion.

At the very least I’d say it straddles the line. We are talking about using a java library to write code within a maven build to programmatically configure the plans of a bamboo instance. I wrote plugins to do all this a couple years ago and am looking to replace some of my code with this new library. Perhaps we need a devops community?


Agreed. No reason you can’t post it here. Just thought the other community might yield more answers. :wink:

Cross posted. Now the race is on!

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I’ve been playing with Bamboo Specs today, and they do appear to be idempotent. I believe they first check for a matching ‘oid’ before matching on key to find the project/plan/etc.

(The use of oid is optional in the spec builders btw)

This question is a perfect case in point of why splitting in to two communities is a bad idea. As Justin says it pretty much straddles the line, and many questions get close to the line. Whichever one he chooses he loses half the possible audience, or you cross-post and likely get conflicting information in the two threads.

do you have this open sourced? we are looking at configuration as code as a next step for our plan builds and currently in research mode. thanks.

Nope, sorry, all internal and to top it off the JV I worked for shut down a few months after I posted that and I haven’t worked with Atlassian tools since.