Are Confluence Cloud apps expected to support JSM?

Hi all,

Recently it has come to our attention that some of our apps/macros are not working as expected when the Confluence page containing our macro is viewed as a Knowledge base through the JSM (JSD) customer portal.

As an example, a page attachment (image) rendered in our macro could not load successfully in the customer portal. It seems that even though the external user has access to view the KB in the portal, the user still does not have direct access to the Confluence page itself to view the attachment (hence, the image fails to load in the KB).

This led us to a couple of questions:

  1. What would be the best approach to enable external users (without direct access to Confluence) to view these page attachments from the portal through the KB?
  • We noticed that when inserting the image directly on the page (outside of our macro), the HTML of the image changes depending on whether the page is viewed in Confluence or in JSM portal - this seems to allow the images to be loaded successfully even through JSM. Are there any internal tools / API that we can use to achieve this?
  1. On a broader context, are Confluence Cloud apps/macros expected to work correctly when these pages are viewed as a KB from the JSM customer portal, the same way they would behave when viewing them directly through a Confluence page?
  • If there are expected differences in behavior, are there any documentations outlining these differences to help us make sure our macros work correctly in the JSM portal?



Good question man, I thought they are different products.

Bump. Starting to get support requests on this same problem.

Annoying to build for Confluence and then find out Atlassian is stuffing a Confluence page inside JSM knowledge base, but with completely broken functionality.

If you’re using any of the AP.confluence.* functions in your macros, then all your apps are broken if editing inside JSM knowledge base.

This flaw is documented nowhere lol.

It’s not just Confluence pages in JSM, but JIRA too Embedded Confluence pages in Jira - poor support for dialogs and basic navigation doesn't work