Embedded Confluence pages in Jira - poor support for dialogs and basic navigation doesn't work

I couldn’t find any announcement of this in CDAC, but I noticed that at the beginning of the year a new feature in Jira that supports viewing, editing, and creating Confluence pages from within Jira projects - see Embedded Confluence pages in Jira Software (atlassian.com)

Unfortunately, now I’ve tried it, I’ve noticed poor support for dialogs on smaller screens - once the dialog is displayed, it can get cut off and you can’t scroll.

My add-on has links to other Confluence content but links won’t open. Web console reports, “Unsafe attempt to initiate navigation for frame with origin… The frame attempting navigation is sandboxed, and is therefore disallowed from navigating its ancestors.”

If I try using AP.navigator.go, then it embeds the entire Confluence page (and then navigation breaks further). What a mess!

You can see if a page is being displayed in Jira by checking the href of the page with AP.navigator.getLocation as it will be SITE.atlassian.net/jira/software/projects/SPACEKEY/page so I’m trying build some checks and work arounds.


So my work around is:

  • If the macro displays on a page rendered as a Jira project page, I disable/hide any functionality that uses dialogs
  • Don’t use AP.navigator.go and use target=_blank for all links (when rendered as a Jira project page)
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@ccurti I just became aware of this thread Jira Cloud Project Pages limitations - could the issue I’ve described above be related?