Jira Cloud Project Pages limitations

It appears that Jira Cloud Project Pages have some trouble when dealing with certain functionality that works as expected in a normal Confluence context.

One problem is any macro using a custom editor. The Save/Insert and Cancel buttons do not appear to be wired up correctly and do nothing when clicked, so the macro can’t be used. This can be reproduced with a basic hello-world type macro in the Confluence addon’s descriptor:

"dynamicContentMacros": [
    "key": "banana",
    "name": {
      "value": "banana"
    "url": "/macro/banana.html",
    "editor": {
      "url": "/macro/banana-editor.html",
      "editTitle": {
        "value": "Edit 'Banana' Macro"
      "insertTitle": {
        "value": "Insert 'Banana' Macro"
      "width": "600px",
      "height": "600px"

Would this best be raised as a Jira bug or Confluence ?

Result on Confluence:

Result on Jira Project page:
jira project page

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Hi @TonyGoughAdaptavist ,

Given that this is working fine in Confluence I would suggest to create a support request for the Jira team to further look into this (and in case proceed creating a bug request) by using below link:


Thanks Daroi, I have raised a ticket.

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Hi @TonyGoughAdaptavist

We have been able to reproduce and this is now tracked as [CONFCLOUD-73971] Adding a Macro using a Custom Editor doesn't work in a Jira Project page - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products..

Thank you again for flagging this with us,