Are Macro ID's unique across pages

Macro storage format ID’s were introduced in Confluence (server) 5.8
From the documentation it is stated that:

A new macro-id provides a simple and reliable way to identify a particular macro on a page. Confluence will generate a macro-id if you do not supply one, or if the page contains duplicate IDs. The IDs are only unique to the current version of the current page.

Which is what I want to make use of. However - the last sentence states that “The IDs are only unique to the current version of the current page.” - Does this mean that I might end up with the same macro ID on two different pages? Or does it simply mean that the macro ID might also be present in another version of the same page? I’m fine with the latter while the former presents some issues for what I want to achieve.

Anyone have any information as to how these work and can clarify it for me?

Hey everyone,

we encounter a similar problem in a Data Center Context. One of our customers reports a new macro-id for our add-on whenever the “edit” Button of the macro is pressed in the confluence page editor. Is that a bug or a feature?

Confluence 6.13.2 - Data Center - Synchrony enabled