Are Projects Template Keys being deprecated?

We first noticed this issue on August 26th and it is growing. We use the key
to create a project for our app. This is now failing for some customers. We do now see other project keys that did not exist.


Is this change documented and exeptected?


The change is certainly not documented. According to the Jira platform docs, com.atlassian.servicedesk:simplified-general-service-desk is a correct key and the other 2 are not. Please open an incident with developer support.

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The new templates are reflected in the UI as well. The first is the new template that contains the two new templates for IT and business.

Old template that contains only the general template.

My guess is the team rolling this out neglected the developer impact. Hence, it’s an incident. I hope you’ll feel like you can make the incident public so other Marketplace vendors will know what’s going on.

Hi @vmutambuki,

Thanks for flagging this with us. We have identified the problem and it’s now been resolved. Please refer to Atlassian Developer Status - Unable to create Jira Service Management projects via API for more details.

Thank you for your patience with this,

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We can confirm it is fixed. Thank you.

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