Are stats affected by development activities?

In our development environment, all kinds of errors are produced as a natural product of the programming activity. Are those development-time errors included in the Cloud Fortified app metrics?

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@david.pinn the Cloud Fortified App approval request contains the following form field:

List the URLs of any Cloud instances that should be excluded from SLI measurements for your app

  • Guidance: list instances where you expect failures as part of your normal dev loop, e.g. instances that you use for testing dev versions of your app

I see that in the request for your app, that list was blank. Let’s follow up there.

We have on our roadmap to exclude all Cloud Development sites from Fortified metrics, but for the time being, you need to rely on the above-mentioned exclusion list.

Is it possible for us to give a wildcard match for the urls? The reason I’m asking is that the cloud instances churn pretty wildly depending on if somebody goods with JSM.

@danielwester I’m afraid not. The exclusion list is based on the site identifier.

Is it possible to update the exclusion list after the approval request has been submitted? Our developers each have several development sandbox instances and we’re finding that our SLOs are dropping due to these false positives.

@rcsr we since covered this problem in the documentation for the affected metrics: Installation callback success rate and Webhook delivery success rate. I encourage you to watch / vote / comment on the Jira issues.

  • Metrics are collected from apps not installed from Marketplace (CONFCLOUD-74737, JRACLOUD-79975). As a workaround, we recommend that you don’t use the same app key for development and testing that is used in your app’s Marketplace listing.
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