Are there any resources available to learn Jira plugin development? Any resources that explain more about the front end aspect of it

I am new to Jira Plugin Development and it is really difficult to find good resources online to learn development. I am from a front end development background, and it is really difficult to follow the official documentation. There is little to no mention of velocity templates.
Please help me.

You could do this tutorial. Even though it is for Jira 7 and things have changed, most of it still applies.

It also covers some basics of velocity templates.


Thanks for the reply. Will do this tutorial. What I wanted to accomplish was to be able to upload a csv to import tasks. For that I found a tutorial on the developer forums. Here is the link:
What I am not able to understand is the code in Step 9, the 5 lines of code in the vm file.
They generate a text field to enter path of the file. Is there any way to make that textfield to a input type file and choose a file from the file browser?
Thank you in advance for the help.

In addition to the tutorial that @clouless linked (which is very good) I wanna suggest reading the source code whenever you can. After you buy a $10 license you can download the source code on

Unfortunately a lot of the official tutorials and docs are outdated and/or incomplete. By learning to navigate the source code early you will do yourself a great favor as you will be able to find relevant APIs more quickly and find examples how they should be used at the same time.

Another suggestion: look at open source apps. For example TNG has lots of awesome open source apps on the marketplace. :slight_smile: