Are there any specific rights needed to put a property on an agile board object?


In the documentation, I didn’t find any information about specific permissions to put information on a board property?

Are there any specific write permissions needed?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Patrick,

I suspect the API requires permissions to modify the board. Other board property manipulation APIs have statements such as:

The user {performing action} is required to have permissions to modify the board.

I have created JRACLOUD-75244 to get the API documented.


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Hi @dmorrow

Thanks for your answer and creating this issue :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Patrick

Not documented but from experience you need the board administrator permission to write board entity properties.

It used to be that even Jira administrators couldn’t write the property unless they were also explicitly listed on the board as board admins but last time I checked on cloud that no longer applied and Jira admins could always write board properties.