Are there any Typescript typings available?

Hi :slight_smile:

I was taking a stab at porting my Leaner Coffee power-up to Typescript - now, I couldn’t find any official @types package for the Power-Up client.

Is there any intention to provide those, or should I try and create them from the source?
Also, would anyone be interested in using them if I do? :smile:

We don’t have plans to publish any @types package for the Power-Up client anytime soon, but we’d happily support and share a community built one with others!

Thanks, @bcook. :+1:
I’ve got a (relatively complete) first pass in a branch in my repo.

Still left to do:

  • add signature for the remaining capabilities (I only added those that I’m using in my power-up, since I wanted to validate that the typings worked)
  • see what I can do about the any and unknown types - some of them I may be able to turn into more specific types, some not. Any help here is appreciated :slight_smile:
  • publish the whole thing to DefinitelyTyped

Couple of questions for you… :eyes:

  • I remember that on Slack there used to be a changelog published once in a while; is this something we’ll see in this board, too? I’m asking because the types will be tied to a specific (minor) version of the Power-Up client, so it’d be nice to be notified when it changes, allowing me (or others!) to change the typings if needed
  • the source code for the Power-Up client is not published anywhere, is it? (I couldn’t find it, so I used the source maps as the, erm, source of truth)

For whoever wants a peek: