Are versions of confluence/jira-maven-plugin considered part of AMPS?

The jira-maven-plugin and confluence-maven-plugin use ${amps.version} for the plugin version. Does this imply that these plugins are considered part of AMPS?

I am asking because I cannot find any release notes on these plugins, while the behavior does change from time to time. For example the 8.1.0 version of the confluence-maven-plugin introduces the enforcer maven plugin in our builds, something we have not seen before. It’s a rather blocking interference for our release process, something worth knowing the rational behind and good to have some pointers for working with it.

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I answered perhaps a similar type of question here, not sure if helpful: Maven bans dependencies with no configuration

Thanks @sfbehnke, I read that. While it is good advice for apps that only have to support the latest version of a host product, this is not going to work for apps that have a wide range of host product versions to support. It is simply necessary to package your own versions of selected packages as they will differ from versions in let’s say Confluence 5, 6 and 7.
Plugins might also depend on libraries that have in turn transitive dependencies on banned packages, which leaves you no choice.

The question that remains and that I would love to get an answer on, where are the *-maven-plugin packages in relation to responsibility. Where do we get announcements and where do we give feedback.

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