Are your Atlassian Cloud apps & integrations GDPR compliant?



Do you run or manage Atlassian Cloud apps and integrations? If so, are you aware of the upcoming March 29, 2019 deadline to ensure that those apps and integrations comply with Atlassian’s developer guidelines for GDPR?

If these questions made your heart race, don’t sweat, we’ve got answers for you.

Join our upcoming webinar with Marketplace Product Manager, Alexandra Kassab, and Atlassian’s Head of Privacy, Erika Fisher, to to make sure you know how to prepare ahead of the March 29, 2019 deadline.

Date and Time
Tuesday, February 12, 2019
1pm PST

In this webinar, we’ll share information about:

  • The Atlassian privacy model
  • Recommended implementation approaches
  • Speeding up data migration to Account ID
  • Recently released developer guidelines, including details on in-product data storage and user generated content recommendations

Register for the webinar

Can’t make the webinar? Please register ahead of time as we’ll send a link with the recording to all registrants.

We’ll be sharing a series of posts over the coming months in the here, in the developer community, about what to expect ahead of the March 29, 2019 deadline and how to prepare. Please follow the ‘gdpr’ tag here for the latest updates.



Hi @ahorgan,

our plugins are only available for Jira & Confluence Server - not for Cloud. But at the Marketplace we are enforced to acknoledge that we will and have to implement APIs for GPDR compliance which aren’t available for Server when we check the option meaning that a plugin stores personal data.

It’s stated nowhere that we can ignore this caption if we are on server only, and on the other hand we are not able to publish those plugins without granting a false statement (either by attesting that the plugin does not store personal data or by commiting that we will implement an API which is still not posisble).

Or did I miss something?

Thank you for any clarification on this…


Hi @matthias.schwellenb1 -

Apologies for the confusion. We intend to update that banner to make it clearer that the additional requirements to implement the personal data reporting API are for cloud only at the moment. For now, please read as acknowledgement that the requirements are for cloud apps only.