Assembla to Jira migration

I’m currently working on a comprehensive migration tool to convert Assembla to Jira, using the APIs to export and import the data.

I believe that this is by far the best solution available.

If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me.

Hi kiffin.gish
Please give solution

Thanks for contacting me!

I will be happy to provide you with an elegant solution, and you can hire me for the assembla jira migration for your company.

In order to be able to analyze your situation better and come up with a more accurate proposal, I will need you to answer the following questions. Please answer as many as possible.

  • Number of Assembla Spaces: ?
  • Jira Target: Cloud/Server
  • Project type: Scrum/Kanban/Other
  • Users: ?
  • Cross-linking between spaces: Yes/No
  • Extra custom fields: ?
  • Total Tickets: ?
  • Total Comments: ?
  • Total Attachments: ?
  • Total size of all attachments: ?
  • Ticket status / Workflow: Yes/No
  • Workflow: Yes/No
  • Number of Sprints: ?
  • Export wiki to Confluence: Yes/No
  • Wiki pages: ?
  • Anything else: ?

— end —

Please send all your enquiries to

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Kiffin Gish