Assign issuetype to project via REST problem


I made plugin creating project and issue type via REST API. There is a problem I can’t use the issue type in my project (Jira shows only 4 available issue types for this project: Epic, Story, Bug, Task). Is there any way to assign my issue type to the project via REST API?

Request body of project creation REST call is:

                key: "COOL",
                name: "cool project",
                projectTypeKey: "software",
                lead: "admin",
                projectTemplateKey: "com.pyxis.greenhopper.jira:gh-scrum-template"

Thank you for support

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Oh, my dear fellow, I feel your pain.

What we’ve done is to add the issue type, and display a warning in the context of the project(s) that the issue type needs to be added to the relevant issue type scheme. It’s sub-optimal.