Assign notification scheme to Project via API

Very odd one. I see we can assign multiple schemes to projects via the REST API - eg

Assign issue type scheme to project

Assign field configuration scheme to project

Assign issue type screen scheme to project

and some more … BUT we cannot assign a notification scheme to a project? Please advise why that is and if there is a plan to add an endpoint to assign notification scheme to a project via the api?

Thank you

Hello @YatishMadhav

There are no endpoints in either the v2 or v3 REST APIs that allow you to assign a notification scheme to a project. You have to use the GUI to do it.

If you think such an endpoint would a good feature, I suggest you raise it as a feature request.

Thanks @sunnyape - Yes, I will do so. I thought Id ask here first in case there is a reason and an undocumented method of doing so. Thank you

Just posting as a bubble up for this topic if anyone found or knows of a workaround. Thank you

Anyone able to assist in getting this done via the API?

Anyone able to get this working or any progress on Atlassian side for this?

Check JRACLOUD-79302 and JRACLOUD-73529 for progress of the feature request.

You can update the notification scheme assigned to a project using the Update Project method: The Jira Cloud platform REST API (

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@YatishMadhav , it looks like @RobRussell 's post solves the issue :wink:

Thank you @BertrandDrouhard1 and @RobRussell - it seems i could also use it on the Create Project endpoint too

This is great. Thanks for the comments.

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