Assinable Users by Project returns all users

Hi, I’m having problems right now with this endpoint:


Instead of returning just the users that are assignable to that project, it is returning all the users available.

Also, this was not happening until last week, it was working right so I don’t if it there was a change on this days to this API or something that could change the way this works?

Your post is marked as jira-server,so you should be able to know whether jira was upgraded. If it was not upgraded there is no chance to change rest api. Is it possible that permission scheme for project was changed or reconfigured?

I also checking documentation and it says “For create only a project key should be supplied. The list of assignable users may be incorrect if it’s called with the project key for editing.”

It seems that the administrators of the company changed the way they wanted to get the users so… I had to think in a new way to assign the user for new Issues.

Thanks for your reply.