Async event API - Queue get stuck in between of the execution of cyclic queue

I am using the sequential queue as part of Forge async events, where we divide the long-running process into multiple events, which can take around 5 to 6 hours to get completed, and we are pushing the event sequentially.
It was working fine earlier, but this morning, Jira randomly stopped the process in between executions without any logs indicating an error.
Upon code inspection, we are not hitting any Forge quotas by a wide margin.
Please provide the next debugging step or any suggestions.

Thanks for the report @VishalHirapara!

Could you please file an Incident report via our ECOHELP service desk with some further details about your app—id, Jira site(s), etc.—and the time the error(s) occurred.

I’ll give the engineering team a heads up so they can start investigating in the meantime.