Async Events API delay max

Hi there,

I am using my Forge app for creating many (thousands ) Jira Issues in bulks (50 issues per request), to handle Jira Cloud limits for incoming requests, I am using queue and every request is delayed by 5 seconds. But my problem is that I can delayed max 900 seconds, it can happen that there will be needed create more issues but i can not delayed more than 900 seconds. What are my possibilities to handle this correctly ?

PS: If I am sending bulk requests to Jira Cloud without delays I am getting error (reaching Jira Cloud limits, or too many requests…), I can create around 2k~ issues without delaying requests.

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Hey again Jan,

I’m asking this to the team responsible for the async events.

Hey Joshua,

thank you for you help!

Hi @janambroz, The Forge Async events API offers the capability for event resolver to push more events to the queue thus creating a cycle. Which would suit your use case.

Further, we do have a limit of 1000 on cyclic depth up to which events resolver can push more events to the queue. Let us know if you still hit the rate limits.



Hi @amathur,

thank you getting back to me, I will test it and let you know.

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@amathur @JoshuaHwang I have a similar use case for creating large number of Jira issues. I am using cyclic invocation method, still it is not enough. I am facing cyclic invocation limit error.
Is there any workaround for that?