"atl.general"-location for Jira

As the title says, are there any “atl.general” equivalent locations when developing for Jira Data Center? I know about the Web Fragment Finder plugin and it seems that the location exists for Confluence but not for Jira. Has anyone faced this problem before?

“atl.general” is not a location, it’s context. As stated in the docs:

…you can automatically include web resources like CSS and JavaScript on all screens of a specific type in the application.

To put it simple, context is a type of Jira page, where your web resource will be included in.
On the other hand, location is the exact place on the page where you place your web items.

Thanks for your reply, now I understand the difference.

I have tried to use the “jira-banner” location to include my velocity template in, as I want it to appear on top of Jira. This seems to work just fine, however, when I login as an admin to Jira, the “You have temporary access to administrative functions.”-web panel will overwrite my own web panel. Is there any way to make two web panels appear in the same location or is that not possible?

I did some further investigations (with the help of Scriptrunner) and it seems that “atl.general” (as well as “atl.header”) are indeed possible locations for web panels. If I try to create a web panel in Confluence with “atl.general”, it works as expected in the correct places. However, this location is not available in Jira. Is there any way to add it or is it impossible? Any help would be appreciated!