Atlas-debug is installing the wrong version of jira with JSD 4.8.0 (SOLVED)

I am trying to diagnose a problem with one of our plugins in JSD 4.8.0. Running ‘atlas-debug --product “jira” --version “8.8.0”’ after updating our pom.xml results in JSD 4.8.0 running with the incompatible Jira Core 8.7.1. There are no references to Jira Core version 8.7.1 anywhere in our code, so I’m not sure why the command I issue isn’t being respected.

If I run "atlas-run-standalone --product “jira” --version “8.8.0"” I get correct values for JSD and Jira Core.

Has anyone experienced this sort of thing before? Is there a way to force the correct version of Jira Core to be installed?

Turns out all that was needed was an “atlas-mvn clean”. Everything is fine now.