AtlasKit: a business proposition

Hej Atlassian,

I have a proposition for you: what about outsourcing the ownership of AtlasKit to the Atlassian Marketplace Partner community? You give us a lumpsum of cash, and we make sure that the components remain up-to-date and conform to ADG3. Given the state that AtlasKit is in, and the complete lack of communications from the Atlassian Design team (do they even still exist?), many Atlassian Marketplace Partners have been starting to move away from AtlasKit and create their own components anyway.

But that’s not a very nice approach. We’d be happy to hire and maintain a team of 2-3 front-end developers and 1-2 UX/UI designers and take over the burden of creating a design kit from which our mutual customers can benefit.

Obviously, you can still create new components & keep ownership over the overall direction of the design system. But as soon as it goes in to “maintenance” mode, we take over.

How do you feel about this proposal?




While you’re at it, publishing each AtlasKit React component as a standalone Web Component would be useful to those of us that build apps without React, but want to use components that align with the ADG.

AUI is fine for P2 server/DC apps, but is problematic to use in Connect or Forge Custom UI.