Atlaskit Button component cannot be compiled in TypeScript environment

Dear Community, I recently update the Atlaskit React component @atlaskit/button to version 12.0.6; this version introduced a rather bizarre change: My application uses TypeScript, and I compile it using Webpack, and since updating the Atlaskit Button, TypeScript assumes that it is looking for a TypeScript source file that does not exist. The error is as follows:

ERROR in [at-loader] ./node_modules/@atlaskit/button/theme.d.ts:1:22
TS6053: File ā€˜[APP_PATH]/node_modules/@atlaskit/theme/src/components.d.tsā€™ not found.

I checked in the file tree and the file does, indeed, not exist, and neither does its parent folder. This is not resolved by independently installing the @atlaskit/theme component.

On a semi-related note, most Atlaskit components give me warnings that a file could not be resolved, the full list can be found in this paste.

I hope Iā€™m not missing anything. Any help in resolving the issue is appreciated. If this is a central issue for all distributions, I hope it is resolved by the development team. Regards, SOFF.

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