Atlaskit DropdownMenu rendering on top of left of screen rather than below trigger

I’ve been trying to use the DropdownMenu from React Atlaskit (following the documentation: For some reason, the menu keeps rendering on the top left of my screen rather than underneath trigger. Strangely, whenever I set defaultOpen to true, the positioning is fixed, but obviously that’s not an ideal solution. Im using “@atlaskit/dropdown-menu”: “^12.11.1”. Heres the code:

import DropdownMenu, { DropdownItem, DropdownItemGroup } from "@atlaskit/dropdown-menu";

export default function NavbarProfileDropdown() {
    return (
        <DropdownMenu trigger="Page Actions" shouldRenderToParent>
                <DropdownItem>Sign in</DropdownItem>

EDIT: Turning off strict mode fixed it